ALPHAMETA.GG is, at its core, a study tool. We aim to provide players with a means to assess their theories and ideas quickly. Understanding a champion's power spikes and ability interactions are an integral part of its mastery. Our goal is to encourage players to continually try new combinations of items, runes and spell usages. Improve by understanding.
We see AlphaMeta.GG as complementary to statistically driven applications. Big Data can offer initial guidance on a champion's complexity, but players should have the opportunity to study the details themselves. AlphaMeta.GG can provide a quick overview of the matchup pre-game and the tool for a deep analysis post-game.
Contact: You can reach us at [email protected] for all formal enquiries. Alternatively, reach us on our discord channel for feedback and suggestions. While we try to be accurate, all calculated values have a chance to differ from the in-game experience. If you believe that some calculations are fundamentally wrong, feel free to let us know. Feedback is always welcome and taken into consideration for future developments.
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